Spicy Chicken Schnitzel


  • INST



  • Pound the chicken breasts until they are 1/2" to 1/4" thick.  Trevor does this by dropping a heavy wooden cutting board on the chicken breasts when they're sandwiched between layers of plastic wrap, but you could also use a mallet to flatten them.
  • Next, pour oil into a large frying pan until it's about 1/2" deep.  Heat the oil until it registers 350 F on a thermometer.  While the oil is heating, prepare the chicken.  Stir the salt & pepper into the flour (and other spices if you want) and put it on a plate.  First, coat the chicken in flour.  Next dip it in the lightly beaten eggs, then coat it in the breadcrumbs.
  • When the oil is 350 F, place a few pieces of chicken into the oil (so that the pieces aren't touching).  Cook for for about 3 minutes before flipping and cooking for another 3 minutes.  The chicken should be golden and crispy.  Remove the chicken from the pan and allow it to drain on some paper towel.
  • It's best to use fresh white buns (like for hero sandwiches).  Spread both sides of the bun with mayo.  Add a piece of chicken and hot sauce to taste (we like to use Frank's Red Hot).  Top with some green leaf lettuce and sliced tomato.  Enjoy!