Vacation to Japan

Vacation to Japan

Family Vacations

Japan is a magical city. the food, the culture, the people. it was an amazing trip.

My favorite is KYOTO, its just a true magical city not like anywhere else. Kyoto is an imperial capital of Japan over 1000 years. Kyoto the heart of traditional Japanese culture.

there are zen rock gardens, swaying bamboo forest, golden temples and shrines. One of my favorite is that Kyoto is one of the only places you can still glimpse geisha with its extravagant kimono and their traditional geisha.

My family and I we decided to try the experience by wearing the traditional attire and walk around Kyoto, it was an incredible…I think everyone should try it.

here are the recommended place to visit when in KYOTO

  1. walk around Gion and Southern Higashiyama
  2. Visit the Ginkaku – ji Temple
  3. Golden pavilion at Kinkaku- ji temple
  4. cherry blossoms or autumn leaves
  5. Otagi nenbutsu- ji temple
  6. Torii Gates at sushini marli shirne
  7. Yasaka Pagoda

well plenty other place for us to visit….I am just happy got to experience all this with my family