This simple recipe is a winner, its restaurant standard recipe that will make your family happy, perfect dish for small parties. simple note Use a high-quality pasta! – there’s nothing worse than glue-y or overly starchy pasta when you’re trying to pull off a creamy and delicious restaurant-quality pasta dish. Barilla always holds up well…

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This recipe was created for a client of mine, many years ago and it become in instant hit, but due to many reason the restaurant have to close its doors, in honouring to that I am sharing this recipe to everyone. Its one of my proud inventions.  

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AYAM GORENG MENTEGA (Indonesian & English)

Ayam Goreng Mentega, ini adalah menu Istimewa di setiap restaurant Indonesia, Jarang di sediakan dalam menu rumahan. Pepatah di masakin itu lebih enak dan beli itu lebih memuaskan. Resep ini, adalah salah satu resep dan menu andalan di dalam rumah saya. Silahkan di coba.

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