Sandra Djohan

Sandra Djohan, a true born Indonesian, with culinary expertise stems from her numerous research trips throughout the different regions in Europe, Asia, United States and her collection of the Indonesian kitchen. The most prominent influence for her was her grandmother. She remembers watching her grandmother cook as a child and making the traditional dutch dish with her. The love and eagerness to master traditions from her heritage, is what continues to motivate her to create dishes inspired by her roots. Her Grandmother’s passion was inherited by Sandra along with a curious spirit to research food from other regions in Indonesia such as the states of Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra and her own state of Jakarta.


Sandra felt an important need to learn more about Indonesian food and master the ingredients that her ancestors used, with her Culinary Education background at Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, where she believes can combine the extraordinary flavors to both style of cooking. Her various culinary adventures in different countries and regions, helped her develop the signature and recreating her own style of cooking. Sandra’s main goal is to research and master all the ingredients that are present in Indonesian cuisine, and look for them in the most remote places of Indonesia. This passion to learn from her roots has formed her career as a Chef, crafting dishes straight from the heart.

In the year of 2011Sandra opened her first restaurant “Epilogue” in Jakarta with the help of her family. Sandra happily introduces an old concept of French cuisine into a new experience of eating French food with an Indonesian twist of flavor: “I had a simple goal – just traditional French and Indonesian cuisine that one everybody can enjoy”. Another important goal was bringing the social aspect back into dining. She wanted to be able to bring what she knows best, that is to entertain with a palate of dish. From a family gathering style of dining to a gourment style.


In 2017 together with the reknown entertainer Sarah Sechan, she opened an Indonesian casual comfort food restaurant named SALAPAN. Her evolving life as a mother to a todler son also have opened up a new perspective on how she envision food for a better, healty lifestyle yet delicious and enticing for kids too. Currently preparing to open another restaurant, Sandra also focus on being a food and restaurant consultant.

Nowadays in the mists of COVID 19 Pandemic, she also maximes her time working at home, writing a new recipe book and creating recipes that anyone can easily follow cooking from home through this website.

Her personal experiences, shared with great love and passion for food and adventures can be seen in this constantly updated website.

Cooking is one of the great gift you can give to those you love