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Saya suka skali Gyoza, repotnya ada kalau lagi pingin, harus order online atau delivery, so Aku pikur knappa tidak buat saja, yang paling Peru lagi kalau ada teman bertandang ke rumah, dan saya punya stock yg cukup…voila….langsung bisa entertain and buat pesta kecil. Resep nya sangatlah mudah dan ini berbeda dari gyoza kebanyakan ya. so…

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GYOZA (English Version)

I love Gyoza, and its such a hassle for me to always buy online or delivery, So I decide to make one and stock up. Whats great is when friends come over only take me 20 min to prepare and voila…small parties hahaha…the recipe is easy and a bit different then any other gyoza recipe,…

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This simple recipe is a winner, its restaurant standard recipe that will make your family happy, perfect dish for small parties. simple note Use a high-quality pasta! – there’s nothing worse than glue-y or overly starchy pasta when you’re trying to pull off a creamy and delicious restaurant-quality pasta dish. Barilla always holds up well…

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