Sandra Djohan


Iga Kuah Asam Pedas

1 kg iga sapi
1500 ml air
5 bh bawang merah, iris tipis
4 siung bawang putih, iris tipis
4 bh cabai merah, besar, belah-belah
4 bh cabai hijau, belah-belah
10 bh cabai rawit merah
2 cm jahe, memarkan
10 bh belimbing sayur, potong 3 bagian
3 btg serai, memarkan
10 lbr daun jeruk, buang tulang daunnya
1 ikat daun kemangi
1 sdt garam

Recipe In English

You will need

1 kg Beef Ribs
1500 ml water
5 cloves of red shallots (asian shallots) sliced
4 cloves garlic
4 red thai chill
4 green thai chill
2 cm ginger, crushed
10 pcs star fruits, cut into 3 sections (belimbing sayer)
10 sheet of lime leaves
1 bunch of Basil leave
salt and pepper to taste
10 red chill (small chilies)


  1. Didihkan air, masukkan iga sapi, rebus sampai empuk.
  2. Masukkan bawang merah, bawang putih, cabai merah, cabai hijau, cabai rawit, belimbing sayur, serai, daun jeruk, dan garam, masak sampai bumbu meresap.
  3. Terakhir masukkan daun kemangi, masak sampai semua bahan matang. Sajikan dengan nasi putih.


  1. boil the water, then add on the ribs, braised until its become tender, make sure once awhile you discarded the beef waste on top of the boiled beef
  2. sauté the red shallots, onion, green and red chill, small chilies, start fruits, lemon grass , lime leaves for about 45 minutes then add to the beef ribs, and let it simmer until all the ingredients mix well with the beef
  3. before serving add the basil leave, you can always add the coriander leaves as well, and then served with hot steaming jasmine rice.

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