Sandra Djohan


Chicken Cooked Padang Style

2.4 lbs Chicken

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Tamarind Water

500 ml Water

2 tbsp Sweet soy sauce ( “KecapManis” )

3 pcs Chopped tomatoes

2 tsp Javanese palm sugar ( “GulaMerah” )

Cooking oil
l50 gr Red chilies

12 Shallots

6 cloves Garlic

2 tsp Shrimp paste

2 cm Ginger

2 cm Lesser galangal

2 tsp salt


  • Cut the chicken into 8 – 10 pieces, then smear it with salt and Javanese Tamarind Water.
  • Knead the chicken and leave it for 10 minutes to let it absorbs the seasonings.
  • Heat the cooking oil in a wok or skillet, fry the chicken until yellowish.
  • Remove and drain.
  • Heat 5 tbsp of cooking oil,saute (stir-fry) spices until fragrant.
  • Add the fried chicken, stir, and pour water.
  • Add sweet soy sauce, sugar, tomatoes and palm sugar.
  • Continue to cook over low heat until the chicken is cooked well and the sauce thickens.
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