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In Paris, close to St. Pierre museum, there is a small café that serves amazing pro terolles lled with cream cheese fondue or strawberry jams, which explode in your mouth as you eat them.

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Oma Aurelia Bitterballen

When I was little, on Sundays my extended family on my father’s side would gather at Puncak Pas and gorge on Dutch-inspired bitterballen, krokket and more. As an adult in Europe, I encountered these dishes again triggering nostalgia and memories of my grandmother, who came from Dutch stock. These memories brought me to explore various…

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Foie Gras with Red Velvet Sauce

Foie gras combines perfectly with sweets and fruits. This is one of my recipes from my old restaurant, which I’ve perfected and now serve in my new restaurant as well. I get a lot of inquiries about it so I thought I’d share the goodness.

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